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This leads towards students picking the wrong career path and instead of feeling inspired and motivated towards their jobs or majors, rather they face difficulties and complications in comprehending the field that they have picked for themselves, which not only demotivates them but, also extinguishes the fire of progression in them.

Although there has been a significant change in variations of jobs of different natures in the past few years, still the youth is not having access of the proper knowledge and still being in the mist of a guessing game of decisions, which leads a student towards apprehending the wrong career path that further leads towards the road of demotivation.

A career counselor at this stage examines your academic performance and your financial status and presents the most suitable fields and different universities to choose.

These are some different majors you can graduate with a bachelors degree from, Medical, Engineering, Business Management, Mass Communication, Arts & Humanities, Media Science, etc.

That is largely because of the lack of availability of career counselors in different institutes and colleges.

Students in Pakistan tend to make decisions based on what their peers and elders recommend which makes them confuse and puts them in a dilemma where they cannot think for themselves anymore.

Not being educated about how to monetize the knowledge that is gained during the period of almost two decades spent learning in different institutes is equally an immense amount of waste.

Also, such institutes are mainly focusing on the essay writing service through which the students can be assessed with respect to their learning and understanding.

Furthermore, it also educates you about the required skills that are needed for certain majors.

Therefore, career counseling is considered as important as education is.


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