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About Essay Exams: Facts And Myths Essay exams tend to strike more fear into the hearts of university students than any other test or assignment.

However, an essay exam is really only a teacher’s list of one or more essay topics that they want you to answer.

It’s understandable why so much emphasis is placed on the measurement of their performance, GPA.

Without an exceptional record in high school, their chances of getting accepted into an elite university are slim.

When the goal is to learn, the formula becomes about maximizing learning while optimizing effort.

The more effective their effort, the more they can learn.As he described his situation, it became clear that his fixation on his grades was consuming enormous amounts of his attention.Through our discussion, he was able to redirect his attention from his focus on grades and the goal of graduate school to his love of material science -- a shift made easier by his resignation that graduate school was now out of reach due to his grades.If students redirect their focus from the scoreboard to the game of learning, an interesting thing happens.Focusing on learning creates a direct relationship between input and outcome: the more effort they invest, the greater the opportunity to learn.This article helps demonstrate how you can succeed on your essay exam using the rules of good essay writing.One of my engineering students came to see me recently asking to drop a class late.This inverse relationship creates an inherent motivation to minimize effort, whether or not they’re succeeding.If they feel like they are succeeding, the bigger they want the gap to be, if they feel like they are failing, the smaller they want the gap to be.The young woman asking to drop Russian literature was one of them.The reasoning she used revealed a pattern of thinking that explains why many students struggle academically during their transition to college: they are simply focusing their attention on the wrong outcome.


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