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Non-native speakers of English are tested after admission to the University.

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Such requests must be sent to the Graduate School for review.

The Graduate School will monitor the student’s progress toward completing the ESL course sequence.

Our program has students from a wide variety of interests who each bring their unique experiences into the classroom.

Participants in the program come from Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, South America and across the United States.

The student is expected to complete EDUTL 5902 within one calendar year after beginning graduate school.

The Graduate Studies Committee in the student’s graduate program may request an extension of the time limit.

Special attention is given to cross-disciplinary research, collaboration, the writing process, content organization and development, editing and proofreading.

This course is designed to raise students’ writing skills so they can participate in academic settings with competencies similar to their native-speaker peers.

Students then register for classes through the automated registration system or by going to the Registrar's Office.

If you are in need of setting up a placement test, you will need to contact the Placement Testing office in CAS.


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