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Gertrude recently sent an email to her boss recommending that her department upgrade its design software.

Downward communication should be used to inform and educate employees on corporate news and events and to combat rumors and problems.

Upward communication should be allowed by management so employees can ask questions, submit suggestions and offer different points of view.

Employees feel empowered if they are able to have .

This type of communication is when information flows upward in an organization and usually consists of feedback.

In summary, workplace communication can be used to motivate employees, increase productivity and decrease absenteeism and turnover.

Employees need to feel that they are able to communicate with superiors and with coworkers.Gertrude is currently in that situation due to her extended vacation.As we just saw, workplace communication can be utilized in both positive and negative manners.This usually occurs due to employees who communicate freely with each other over workplace concerns.Companies can avoid this issue if they are sensitive to worker complaints and issues. Workplace communication can lead to worker burn-out or information overload.Positive strategies mean utilizing communications to increase worker productivity and job satisfaction and lower absenteeism and job turnover.This can be implemented by organizations by having an open communications policy.They also want to have the ability to share ideas, thoughts and concerns within the company.Studies have shown that even after a layoff, companies that have excellent communication are able to retain the surviving employees.Gertrude has returned to work at her toy company job after a week's vacation.She heads to her office and cringes when she turns on her computer.


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