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is the most common mental health problem faced by teenagers which may sometimes lead to suicide.

is the most common mental health problem faced by teenagers which may sometimes lead to suicide.Teenagers can’t differentiate sadness and depression. Many factors can lead to depression and the reaction of each teen is different to such things. Make your child comfortable with the surroundings and talk to him/her calmly and patiently.You must make sure to spend good amount of time your children to build that bond of love and trust so that they can freely communicate their thoughts, feelings and problems with you.

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Teenage phase is a time of rapid change for kids both physically and cognitively. These kinds of mood swings are common teenage problems.

Teenage is the time where parents need to lay a strong foundation in their kid’s life.

Someone drinks with curiosity and some to get out of feeling of hell!

Alcohol acts as a depressant and helps them to escape their troubled teen lives.

They do not like communicating often or confiding in them.

They are more comfortable in their friend’s company. You need to understand this is a temporary phase and children too know they still need their parents no matter how reluctantly they act and is it common to have teenagers problems with parents.When teens see their peers drinking or smoking, they too indulge in without thinking right or wrong.Peer pressure is probably the toughest challenge teens have to deal with.It’s no secret that many teens are big fans of cyber space.They are always glued to their computers, laptops or cell phones.Teenage girl problems are more common as they observe changes in their body suddenly. If they still continue to ignore you, it is time to set the consequences and ensure that they follow the said rules. you can try like “no going out in evenings this whole week”, “no hanging out with friends for a week, if proper timing is not followed” Along with the above, teenage attitude problems also include generation gap, parental exception, career judgement, socialization, peer pressure and .All these are likely to make them depressed and stressed.It takes a toll on parents when their teenage kids stay out too late in the night.You surely must have set good limits for your children but then why do they break them again and again?In this case, your child does not feel happy to stay at home.You must try to talk to your child calmly and find out what is the reason that is keeping him/her so late.


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