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As you correct their writing samples, try to focus on the key grammar points taught in class rather than pointing out every single mistake.The vocabulary you expect students to use depends on the level of your curriculum.These short presentations are then used in two manners; to generate spontaneous conversations on a wide range of topics, and to take a look at some common writing problems.

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But you should expect them to have a strong grasp of the grammar structures you’ve taught them.

Too much red ink will discourage any writer, so don’t be overly critical with the feedback.

These components aside, there are some generalities that make for good writing in English.

Below are elements to look for as you evaluate your students’ writing assignments.

You can also use these prompts for intermediate and advanced students by asking them to write full paragraphs using smooth transitions.

When brainstorming ideas, ask your students to list the steps of how they came up with the content to write about.

Today, we’re going to look at different writing prompts and how you can use them to give students a boost in the right direction.

But before you start handing out writing assignments, first make sure your students understand the fundamentals of writing. Every student writes differently based on a number of factors, including personality, writing style, their first language and how comfortable they are with expressing themselves in writing.

Look for correct use of grammar appropriate to students’ proficiency levels.

No ESL student will have flawless grammar—native speakers don’t even have that!


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