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Its explicit “Money” is hard to miss — it’s probably the ultimate greed word and it’s sitting there in capital letters.But a title like “Total Money Makeover” also implies another greed word (even though it doesn’t directly state it): money-saving. Of course, building that kind of trust starts with having a quality brand and reputation, but the words you use to describe yourself and your product or service also matter.

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The better a job you do at making them feel, the more influential you are, and the better your chances of getting what you want. Looking for a quick way to give your writing more punch?

Maybe add a little personality or pizzazz — that extra little “oomph” that makes your reader pay attention?

Watch it for five minutes, listening for the words below. Here’s why: Fear is without a doubt the most powerful emotion for grabbing and keeping an audience’s attention.

To make sure you don’t change the channel, news networks load up with fear words, making you worry you might miss something important. One moment, I was on a webinar talking to a few hundred people about traffic, walking them through exactly how to start a blog and make it popular. When they’re reading, most people aren’t exactly bouncing off the walls with energy and enthusiasm.

Authors, copywriters, and content marketers use “power words” to spice up their content and compel audiences to take action. You want to pass along information, yes, but you also want the reader to feel a certain way about that information.

Maybe you want to impress them, get them excited, make them cautious, get them angry, encourage them to keep going, or any number of emotions.It’s strange that a certain type of word can have such a profound effect, but they do, and here’s why: Emotion.The more emotion your writing makes readers feel, the more engaged they will be.And this headline, undoubtedly, had such people frothing at the mouth.If you want to connect with people’s anger and slowly but surely work them into a frenzy, use the power words below. Lawyers can eat you alive if you pick on the wrong person.The truth is, we’re all fascinated by the mysterious and forbidden. Its purpose, after all, is to entice the reader to read the rest of your content.If your headline fails to get attention, potential readers will ignore it when it shows up in their social media feed.Want to bring your ideas to life, to make them take up residence in the mind of the reader, lurking in the background, tugging, pulling, and cajoling their emotions until they think and feel exactly as you want?Then you need to infuse your content with power words. Just for a moment, stop reading this post, turn on the television, and go to a major news channel.Granted, you can overdo it, but in my opinion, most writers don’t use these types of words nearly enough. Here’s an example of a blog post headline here at Smart Blogger that utilizes with 20,000 volts of electricity. They’re probably bored, maybe a little depressed, and almost definitely tired. Here’s an example email from Mirasee: Like it or not, lust is one of the core human emotions.And they’re looking for something, anything, that’ll wake them up and make them feel better. Just look at the men’s and women’s magazines in the checkout aisle, and you’ll see what I mean.


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