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If it was placebo, then it should not have worked, because for placebos you need consciousness.I thought it was very fishy that acupuncture worked in farm animals, That it also worked on infants had me wondering as well.They're very compelling, but they don't yet prove a darn thing.

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That's one line of evidence, but it doesn't prove that the drug is working on the receptor and thereby helping the patient.

Much of medicine resides on these one-dimensional proofs. They could be doing the experiment slightly wrongly. But 16 replications are not the same as 16 lines of experiments.

To put my book on alternative medicine in perspective, 20 years ago I set out to disprove acupuncture.

I thought it was full of beans because my mentor, Patrick Wall, said that acupuncture was just placebo, a distraction.

We used naloxone, a powerful endorphin blocker, but you can argue that it's a drug and has side effects we don't know about.

It may be blocking something else, not the endorphins; but naloxone worked, so we had two lines of evidence.The chances of all 16 having the same error and converging on the same answer is highly unlikely.According to my hypothesis, acupuncture stimulates peripheral nerves that send messages to the brain to release endorphins (morphine-like compounds); these endorphins block pain pathways in the brain.Then I ask this other question, "Does conventional medicine really work?" I've recently done a review of 85 papers assessing drugs used in conventional medicine. In contrast, the side effect profile for acupuncture is almost zero.You do everything possible that any skeptic could think of to show that the hypothesis doesn't work; in spite of that, if it still survives, then you're okay. I'm not talking about 16 experiments-there could have been 2000 experiments.AT: Is that what happened with your acupuncture-endorphin theory? Sixteen lines mean there were 16 different kinds of experiments that were based on 16 different assumptions.If you do proper acupuncture, you can't hurt anybody. In the best of hands at Harvard and the Mayo Clinic, drugs are going to have a certain side effect profile.So as a first line of treatment, why not try the conservative, the safe acupuncture treatment?I can't tell you the results right now, but I can tell you that it's 10 times worse than anybody thought. Pomeranz: My new passion is this whole issue of why alternative medicine. As I write, I keep telling myself, "If conventional medicine works, why bother with alternative medicine?" Now, I love conventional medicine -- molecular biology is spectacular in its intellect, one of the great achievements of our lifetime -- but if it works and it's glorious, why do we need alternative medicine?


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