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By using the term theory of nature, Emerson is describing the human desire to make sense of creation and the world around us.Emerson considers that the relationship between most people and nature is that people take nature for granted.

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“Nature” is a thought-provoking essay that describes his abstract thoughts about humanity’s relationship with nature.

At first, he argues for a new approach to understanding nature by defining.

Emerson was special in that, in the very beginning of these advances he could see the possible consequences that these things would have on human divinity with nature.

He believed it could separate us from the inspiration that the world of nature inspires around us.

It is his passage to the tranquility God has created through nature in him.

Nature can change each day due to the hours but one will see what they feel in nature, for it, “wears the colors of the spirit.” So this, too, gives nature a God-like essence portraying a religious belief of Emerson.How he defines nature is the start of his new approach to how he understands nature. He states that nature all that is separated from us and then distinguishes nature from art; art being natural objects that humans alter for purposes.Nature refers to essences that are unchanged by humans: space, the flower, and the air.The relationship Emerson describes between nature and people is that of a bond of contemporary tranquility and advanced understanding.There is evidence of Emerson’s moral or religious beliefs in “Nature” that might have influenced how he views humankind’s relationship to nature.Additionally, he mentions that the road to find that truth of the theory of nature has caused much hate and separation between humanity to find a concrete definition or explanation of creation.Therefore, he believes the most abstract truth of the theory of nature is the most practical and true.He states that the best part of the farms are the scenery which the land contains for the eye to see and lack actual, earthly documentation of ownership.Nature, Emerson uses the woods for example, brings perpetual youth to humankind and returns the human soul to reason and faith.This gives one a chance to provoke greater insight into the world of nature than ever before.He states that through nature’s forms, it describes its own design, and that other interpretations are not needed to perceive it.


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