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On the other hand, students may benefit from state-of-the-art research facilities and mentorship of experts from the industry.

Abstract (100–150 words) Clear and precise problem statement (~ 1 page) Discussion of prior work by others as reported in the relevant literature (~1 page) Approach(es) to be used in carrying out the project (~ 1 page) Plan and schedule (~1 page) In addition, the ECE Graduate Committee expects proposals to exhibit English-language proficiency.

If you are concerned with your abilities in this area, the committee recommends that you consider setting up an appointment for writing assistance at BU’s Educational Resource Center.

We will provide embdeed classes, Project explanation, Circuit explanation, Code expalnation, Conduct classes on Embedded "C" program, Project executon, Lab practise and help students with documentation.

With more than 10 years of experience we get ECE , EEE , Telecom studnets form all parts of Karnataka, Andra pradesh, Tamil nadu and kerala to carry out final year academic projects.

One of the leading final year project consultacy for ECE | EEE | Telecom and Bio - Medical students in Bangalore , INDIA.

As a part of our vision to provide hands-on experience to the students we invite them from the domains of Embedded Systems, Robotics, Wireless communication, Medical Electronics, Matlab, Cmos-Vlsi, Electrical, Telecom , Internet of Things(iot) to carry out their academic project works at our institute to facilitate under the guidance of experts from the industries.Successful completion (3.0 GPA or higher) of a minimum of 30 credits is required for both plans. Source Code:: Notes: Upload firmware to arduino. The ERC offers 45-minute “Traditional Appointments” and 30-minute “ESL Writing Skills Appointments” that could help you significantly improve the English grammar/style of your proposal.MS students who are finishing their projects in a particular semester are required to present their work to ECE faculty and students at the end of that semester.While the above information serves as a general reference for Company-sponsored FYP, we welcome arrangement and collaboration of other kinds.Academic project and training on latest embedded technologies available with best in class experts.Under the supervision of the faculty supervisor, the student must design, execute, document, and then present the work.To be eligible for taking FYP, the student must have completed at least three out of four 2000 level courses and one 3000 level course, and demonstrate capability and basic background knowledge for the project.The faculty supervisor will suggest supplementary reading and one-on-one, or small-group, tutoring as the need arises.With the help of the faculty supervisor, the student must plan, and acquire the necessary equipment, material and parts to complete his/her project.


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