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The threshold of greater dreams is just before you and are now poised to convert this journey to a full-time venture.

The threshold of greater dreams is just before you and are now poised to convert this journey to a full-time venture.

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A business plan, a fundamental requirement for starting any business, summarizes the business goals and methods of operation.

You don't simply make the statement, " I want to start a business" and the ingredients fall into your lap.

The statement was the first step in your business plan, but now you must decide what business to start, how to start it, where to start it, what resources are needed, and what you seek to accomplish.

Your plan can consist of a few basic principles or can involve complex statements describing every small detail.

You decide the scope of your business plan, but it is imperative that a plan be developed. The journey and the destination have been identified. Just as there are three groups of articles to pack: clothing, personal care items, and money, so are there three ingredients needed for the Mobile Dry Cleaning journey: a drycleaner to do your work, supplies, and profitable pricing and budgeting policies.

Sample questions and possible solutions are presented in Chapter II to guide you through the planning process. Once you acquire a customer, keeping them becomes a top priority.With high poverty level and many growing businesses, more and more Nigerians are willing to find a small firm or big companies to do their laundry.Thus, those smart minds that come up with an idea of purchasing a good dry cleaning machine, washing machine and launch a new laundry in their community are able to earn good profit from such services.Still, any Nigerian who has the desire to start a business will get a clear picture in his or her head how to start a new company after creating a detailed plan, thinking about the investments and possible profit, and learn from other firms that are already offering similar services or products.Here are the basic things you’ll have to think about, learn or purchase: Your investments should be based on your idea.Your dreams have come true and it's time to enjoy the fruits of your journey.Your goal has been accomplished - operating a successful business!Choosing the road to financial security and starting a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business is compared to taking a journey. The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual is your travel brochure.When you are lost or need advice, go to the manual or the As in any journey, you have to decide where and when you are going and how will you get there - you must make a plan.It is easier to sell additional services to existing customers than to new customers.A trusting relationship has already been formed, and established customers are much more receptive to future promotions than strangers.


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