Double Indemnity Critical Essays

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The consequences of these actions are usually fatal, resulting to death of not just men, but women as a film noir representing one of the highest levels of urban crime dramas.The film was developed at a time when film noir movies were gaining immense popularity, making it one of the best film noir to date.Men are protagonists as portrayed in film noir; they are obsessive, abusive and cynical.They have little regard for women and consider them as objects to be shown around.Dietrichson marries her, not because of the person that she is, but because of her beauty.He has little respect to her as a person and does not care to provide for her when he dies.She turned herself into a man’s fantasy so that the lustful, powerful men can give her whatever she wants.This helps her to get Neff into her trap of killing her husband to get the accident policy rewards. Neff and Phyllis succeed in killing her husband, but the investigator, Keyes, is not convinced that the death was an accident.However, he does not elevate Phyllis to the level of divinity she deserves.He says she is still an object he desires to possess, control and have power over.


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