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For more information on embedding surveys be sure to read the following tutorials: Popup Similar to the embed method above, you can copy and paste the popup code into a webpage and have the survey appear within a modal dialog.

You can even configure it to open when a particular link is clicked.

Note: Feel free to skip down to the “survey configuration” section if you already understand the basics of survey & question creation.

After registering or logging in, click “Configure” to go to the questionnaire builder.

If this is the case, you can copy and paste the embed code into the webpage source.

The survey will then appear seamlessly on the site and allow visitors to access and complete your survey without having to click on a link.This feature is particularly useful when you want to gather the names and email addresses of responders during the survey collection stage and want to give responders the ability to continue their survey by logging back in at a later date.Also, remember to click “Save” after configuring your survey.It also lets you copy an html anchor that can be added to any webpage as a clickable link.Embed Perhaps you have space on a website where you would like to directly place the survey.For more information on configuring popup surveys, check out the link below: Email Send survey invitations by email to a list of recipients with the survey link appended to the message.Facebook Leverage the power of social networks by using Facebook to get responders.After opening, to change the question type, select from the “Select Type” drop down.To change the question text, simply select and edit the content of the “Question” field.To add answers to multiple choice, multiple choice grid, or image question types just type in the answer choices one per line within the “Answers” field.Once you’ve typed in your question, added the answers, or changed any of the settings, click “Update” or “Create” to update/add your question to the questionnaire.


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