Discrimination In The United States Essay

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This is quite difficult to argue because of a few reasons. It will also ignite a defensive type of reaction from those readers who feel that you're being harsh on racist individuals.

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" does not trigger any argument, and without an argument, your thesis is just 'dead.' "For economic, political, cultural and social reasons, discrimination based on race had to end in America." This claim does a fantastic job of showing the reader all that he or she should expect from the paper.

There is a section on the economic, political, social and cultural reasons.

The only problem is that such a sentence lacks the tension needed to advance any argument.

In any case, everyone knows that these were the key reasons why racism decreased significantly in America. Such a claim will mark you out as judgemental and moralistic rather than being thorough, and reasonable.

Let me read further to see how the writer supports this claim." Avoid using those regularly used abstractions, and general terms.

For example, "Racism ended because of societal discontent," is a weak argument.

You may think of writing a thesis statement like, "racism remains a huge problem in universities." While this is an acceptable start, it's not a perfectly-defined racism thesis statement. To turn it into a highly compelling argument, brainstorm and ask yourself a few essential questions.

For instance: While this might only be a rough idea, it will help you to shape your thesis.

On the other hand, a thesis statement is an argumentative stance you'll need to take regarding a particular subject. Your thesis on this issue will, therefore, look like this; "While racism remains a huge problem in the United States, it can be potentially eliminated or reduced through efficient implementation of diversity training courses in corporate institutions and schools." A task which requires you to develop a claim describe the rhetorical structure of the paper is entirely different from one which expects you to conduct a thorough reading of a given text.

So, before you start writing the essay, make sure you know all that is expected of you.


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