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A reporting verb is a verb used to signify that written text is being quoted or paraphrased (Nordquist Thoughtco, n.d.).

Generally, reporting verbs can be classified into three parts in terms of their strength, which include tentative, neutral and strong (Ibrahimova, 2016), ).

The actual In the main part, this article haspresents a clear schematic structure and complies with IMRa D (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion) format which is the most well-known norm for the structure of a scientific journal article (“IMRa D,” n.d.)(Wikipedia, n.d.).

The introduction section summarizes the previous and existing research on this subject, and then presents the research hypotheses of the present review.

Tentative verbs like “consider” show what the author suggests but without being absolutely convinced, while strong verbs indicate the author’s strong claims for and arguments (Chuang, 2012), such as “criticized”.

As a review of literature, and neutral strength reporting verbs is most commonly used in this article is most commonly used in this article.

Take “point outexplore” for example, in the sentence “Although it has been pointed out that such interventions should be better labeled as brief “acceptance-based processing”the effects of mindfulness training have sometimes been explored as brief (e.g.

10 min) mindfulness-induction interventions” (Chiesa et al., 2010, p.

Then, the discussion section evaluates the implications and limitation of current study to help readers to verify the validity of the findings and clarify the problematic aspects.

evaluate the usefulness of the findings recapitualizeget recapitulation of major findings.


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