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PROFILING: Roll building at an angle to the reel drum at specified tension, nip load, and torque values in order to build a uniform roll.

PROFILING: Roll building at an angle to the reel drum at specified tension, nip load, and torque values in order to build a uniform roll.PULPER: A vat beneath the machine for collecting broke and other paper pieces to be rendered into pulp and recycled in the paper making process.

The HMI contains a Graphic User Interface (GUI) composed of multiple screens. A roll of paper tightly wrapped around a reel spool.

A parent roll goes through additional processes or rewinding at a later stage of production. Can be generated by the torque of the primary or secondary drive.

The average American household receives more than 100 pounds of unwanted junk mail each year!

However, creating a handmade sheet of paper can remind anyone of this everyday object’s noble origins.

SKEW: "Skew" in the reeling process refers to uneven loading or position of one side of the reel versus the other side.

SLAB: Waste paper which is torn from the roll, for instance after a web break or during threading.If the parent roll is too tight, the web loses part of its elasticity and unnecessary reeling defects may be generated.If the parent roll is too loose, it cannot be handled further or it does not fulfill the quality requirements for saleable paper because of too many reeling defects.Typically, the web runs down into the pulper when not reeling.REEL SPOOL: A metal roll onto which the web is wound during reeling operations.REEL: A machine that reels (winds, wraps) paper onto reel spools to create parent rolls which are used later in the manufacturing process.A reel is typically used in high speed conditions, for instance where the paper comes from a paper machine or coater.Parent roll structure is influenced by reeling parameters - which will be covered in a later article.No we'll review the many different terms used when reeling.DRUM DOCTOR: A device which keeps the reel drum clean; typically either a blade-type doctor which contacts the drum surface, or an air doctor which blows the web off the drum. HAY CATCHER: Horizontal panels which prevent broke and other paper scraps from falling onto the scanner during turn-ups. The equipment used by the operator to communicate with the machine. NIP: A point of contact between two moving objects; Physical force between, for instance, the reel drum and a parent roll.DS: Abbreviation for "drive side" of the reel frame (opposite of TS). The nip between a parent roll and the reel drum is one of the three parameters controlling how hard the parent rolls are wound.


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