Descriptive Essay Of Room

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A postcard, a present from my grandfather, would likely catch one's eye.

The postcard is from my homeland, and includes a famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi.

The Mac also has a modem, connecting me to the global community linked through the Internet.

I am very interested in the Internet, and have found it a very useful source of information for everything ranging from tomorrow's weather to buying a new car.

I could only fit a small table of four chairs, but only use two. I like the fan because it helps keep the kitchen cool during those hot and humid summer days. During the day, my living room is filled with light.

The stove and refrigerator are right next to each other along with the sink. On the ceiling there is a fan, which of course is pretty big. My tables are all cherry oak with marble tops along with the entertainment system.Strewn about the bed are two magazines which represent my interests, Mac World and Time.I read these magazines daily, to keep up with current events as well as advancements in the information age.The plants, reaching towards the sun seemed to be going through natural slection, each one fighting for sun leaving varying sizes of candy like fruit docarating the base of green vegetation.The sun cut in half by the front wall beamed rays of sunshine through the air highlighting dominant fruit fighting for sun.Atop my bureau lays the latest work by Stephen King.The content may not be as deep and insightful as Jane Austen's or Keats, but his stories serve their purpose in providing light entertainment.Upon leaving my workspace, I hope my possessions would convey that I am serious about my work, but I approach it with practicality and a grain of salt.On the other side of my room lies my relaxation area, commonly referred to as a bed.Alongside my desk is a computer, without which I could not survive.The slightly outdated, yet fully competent Apple Macintosh aids with school, and, nearly any other activity I participate in.


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