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This paper is also aimed to define common causes for obesity, as well as its effects on human body and health.

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In 2012, the number of people with such a problem equaled 292,404 people, which is a relatively slight growth by 9.65%.

At the same time, such figures mean that in England, from 2002 to 2013 the obesity’s population increased by 900%, which is a massive and rapid change.

The positive impact of physical activity on health is a proven fact.

Physical activity reduces risks of different diseases and helps people who suffer from chronicle conditions, including obesity (HSCIC, 2012).

Taking into account such statistics, we can conclude that in England, the number of women who suffer from obesity is higher than the number of obese men.

The most common reason for such a tendency was the lack of physical activity.In order to analyze data and interpret results of the research, we used official reports and proven online sources.The data was also collected from such online sources as National Health Association, Telegraph, and Guardian.During eleven years, the population of people who suffer from obesity increased from 29,237 to 33,546, which is a change by 14.74%.From 2004 to 2009, obesity in England increased fast: 21.45% in 2004, 27.68% in 2005, and 29.20%, 20.39%, 27.28%, 38.90% during next years, respectively.Most often, people who don’t have enough physical activity suffer from obesity.A standard for physical activity guidelines was introduced by HSCIC in 2012.In 2002, there were 17,169 obese women and 12,068 obese men, which is a difference that equals 5,100 people. There were 16,749 more obese women than men, but such figures are not as vivid as those of 2012.192,795 obese women double such statistics on men – 99,579.The number of people facing such a problem increased rapidly from 40,741 to 142,219.The peak of the obesity’s population falls on the year 2010 – 48.91%.


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