Curly Hair Essay

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Thanks to these genes, my hair is a distinctive combination of the two.On my head is a thick mane of jet-black coarse curly hair.Each hair is muscular, with enough heft and hutzpah to hold a 5-pound dumbbell. My hair is boisterous, I, except occasionally, am composed.I, in contrast, am a very petite girl with the arm strength of a gnat. My hair is an extrovert, gaining energy from those around her.I am an introvert, preferring to curl up with a good book.It's really noticeable if you're wearing dark colors.You can use a special shampoo that your parents can buy at the store. Talk to your doctor or a skin doctor (dermatologist) to help you decide on the best shampoo for you.If you have very curly, kinky or thick hair, it might be too dry and look frizzy.Using a conditioner after you wash your hair might help, but that doesn't make it healthier.As much as possible, I tried to enjoy her assets, and she tried to respect my needs.Of course, occasionally, my hair would turn her mood at an inopportune time, but I was no longer caught by surprise when this happened.


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