Critical Thinking Mind Map

Frequently they look to their advisor to make the connections for them and to tell them what to do.

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The rationale behind using a large sheet of paper is that it allows the student the opportunity to break away from the boundaries established by standard sized paper.

The medium for drawing the mind map is usually colored pens or pencils.

These sub-branches of key words or pictures can be linked together resulting in the integration of different parts of the mind map.

Recently, many on-line computer versions of mind mapping have emerged such as i Mind Map (Tony Buzan), Mind Meister (Mind Meister Labs), Visio (Microsoft), and Mind Node (Mind Node Software).

In order to meet this challenge in our neurological course work we instituted mind mapping as a course requirement.

All students are required to generate a mind map for all class readings covering the key concepts within the readings.

Next, the student draws main branches with key words extending from this central image.

The branches represent different categories which the student perceives as being relevant to the content of the key concept of the mind map.

From these main branches, sub-branches are created.

One key tenet of the mind map is that each of the branches and sub-branches should contain pictures to aid in recalling the information.


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