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This particular method does not have strict phases, but it is usually used at the beginning of defining the frame of your speech.

With visual mapping, you are categorizing the elements of your speech, layering them, brainstorming ideas, and deciding what facts are important and what can be excluded from your speech.

This method helps you to distinguish key points and ensures that you won’t forget anything by pointing out the essential items at the beginning.

Some people are able to deliver their speeches just by preparing this way: usually, it is in cases where they are speaking of a topic they have great knowledge of and also they’ve spoken about it hundreds of time already.

Outlining is basically putting ideas to paper as they come to your mind, and then focusing on emphasizing your main points.

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This process can take a long time, but it leads to best results.

If you use too much jargon in the speech, your audience might not understand you. So, here are some questions to help you with thinking this through: Visual mapping is great if you have a way with words and also have experience in public speaking.

If you have a problem with noting down your thoughts in strict order, and word structuring isn’t your greatest strength, you could use visual images and concept words.

You’ve agreed to give a speech either at work, at a social occasion or at your club meeting. As a professional writer, I often have people come to me for help with writing.

Despite their great ideas and depth of knowledge, they feel unable to start.


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