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To take a final example of the phenomenon's ambiguity, it was the era of the Summer of Love, of sexual freedom and so forth, but it also glorified its manly heterosexual singers and guitar heroes, while the female and homosexual figures were rare on stage., the editors seek submissions coming from the whole spectrum of social sciences, that will reflect upon the heterogeneity of this/these music(s), its ambiguity, scattered identity, its worldwide circulation, its origins, influence and legacy.

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The ending again invites the listener to join Lennon and the rest of these people to come together and live in peace and harmony, as a dreamer.

No longer are the every day worries part of your life, for you have become a "dreamer" and your troubles have washed away.

Here are however a few first elements that have generated interest and debate in our editorial discussions: During the sixties in the U. and more globally in the West, a new generation proposed – apparently – a culture radically opposed to the traditional American Way of Life, which expressed itself via a heterogeneous set of cultural references, ideas, lifestyles and, emblematically, of musics – a movement which was baptized "the" counterculture.

It marked the generations that lived it and the ones that followed, revolutionizing the political and cultural landscapes as well as the global musical spectrum.

Life is a journey, and as a person it's you're right to travel on your journey any way you see desirable.

Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.No longer believing in the ideas of the Christian church, the hippies became more interested and familiar with the study of astrology.Their philosophy on life was to live freely and in harmony in nature, without the ordinary materials and concerns most people had for they believed that society was much too conformed."Their unwritten golden rule was, 'Be nice to others, even when provoked, and they will be nice to you' (Mc Williams 66).This idea of "living in the now" and not getting ahead in life was not ideal for the common American who wanted to strive for greatness and success.His free and dreamy words were believed to be true by any hippie.The relaxed attitude, nonviolent protests, and yearning for peace and love were all things the counter culture movement believed in, John Lennon included, which he demonstrates in his lyrics.The proud funk and soul music of a champion of individual success and American capitalism like James Brown paradoxically helped cement the protest of the Afro-American youth.The counterculture developed in the heart of the West, but it also triggered a somewhat caricatured passion for the exotic other – what is it that can be said, musically (raga rock, neo-orientalism), politically and culturally of the echo of the "Third World" within this movement?, the one and only French peer-reviewed journal exclusively dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of popular music, seeks contributions for a special issue on music and counterculture.Any scholarly essay on popular music and counterculture, with an eye to its link to the "central" period of the sixties and seventies, is welcome.


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