Cotton Wool Kids Essay

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Dr Kevin Donnelly is director of the Education Standards Institute and a senior research fellow at the Australian Catholic University.

He is co-chairing the review of the national curriculum for the Commonwealth Government.

Synthetic fabrics such as nylon,spandex, rayon, polyester, and acrylic are man-made. Seek out a text on Economic Botany and consult the chapter on "cloth" if you want to learn about them.

These fabrics differ in a number of ways, such as: 1. More recently, humans have learned to make their own fibers, primarily from two sources.

Many people prefer 100% cotton to polyester blends because of the breathability factor. Strength: Linen, spandex, and polyester are all quite strong and durable. Dying Properties: Linen, for example, is a good fabric to dye because the color sets well and won't fade much. Softness / Scratchiness: Many type of wool, of course, are quite itchy (due to the crimps in the fibers), and cotton and silk are known for their softness. Properties when wet: "Absorbent" cotton will retain 24-27 times its own weight in water and is stronger when wet than dry. Luster (shininess): This property is what makes silk so desirable.

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Rayon is a man-made substitute than can look similar. Elasticity: A lot of the synthetic fibers are very elastic.

Great art and great music deal with the sublime and provide a reference point that anchors one's sense of self in a world that often lacks cohesion or a deeper sense of meaning.

It's only natural, at a time when every week there are stories about street violence, paedophilia and children being at risk, that parents seek to protect their children by smothering them in cotton wool.

Parents are their children's primary carers and their children's first teachers.

As such, they have a responsibility to teach their children how to deal with uncertainty and loss and how to overcome adversity.


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