Controversial Abortion Essay

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In ethics, religious experts define abortion as the deliberate demolition of the foetus in the womb (Mercer 77).

They believe that human lives are sacred and therefore should be treated with respect and reverence.

According to (Mc Mahan, Jeff, 2002), fetus lacks......

Making Controversial Artworks Full Ideas expressed through artworks beyond what is normally considered moral probably are the most controversial in the field of Arts.

Arguable, a woman has autonomy as to whether or not to let the fetus use her body but on the other end, the fetus also has the right to be born.

These contrasting rights lead to several arguments regarding the issue.

In most of the cases, unintentional pregnancies occur among teenagers.

Teenage is a period during which people will take risk and engage in unsafe sexual activities because of the development of sex hormones.

It is difficult for the teenagers to think in terms of the future consequences while they engage in sexual activities. Ethical Controversial About the Abortion Abortion is the most complex and controversial issue in today’s society.

Due tothe severity of it and moral elements involved, there has been a need for its absolute prohibition.


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