Contrast Essay Examples

Write them down as simply and concisely as possible, in the most logical order that comes to mind.

(Note: You must not go in detail at this point, simply mention the points and the topic.) 2.

A hook has the power to attract the reader’s attention and hold it throughout your compare and contrast essay.

Examples of strong hooks: Choosing an effective and catchy topic is crucial step while writing this type of essay. Keep your topic simple, relatable, and of sufficient general interest that research material is available. Write down all the similarities and differences directly related to your topic Mention specific points that will enable you to generate an effective essay.

Comparing similarities and differences may actually double the number of points and paragraphs in your compare and contrast essay.

Be sure to follow any instructions for writing your compare and contrast essay as you format the body paragraphs. Analyze your subjects, discuss the similarities and differences, provide your personal opinions and support your thoughts by giving authentic evidence (facts, statistics, quotes by experts, etc.) When analyzing your subject, make sure that your opinion isn’t biased in any way. Students often neglect the conclusion and end their essay abruptly, leaving the reader unsatisfied and confused about the author’s findings.

If one of the items was a shirt and the other a pair of shoes, the comparison would be invalid.

Writing about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates can make a good compare and contrast essay, but you can’t write about Steve Jobs and let’s say, Martha Stewart in any comparative or contrasting way.

Be sure that there is adequate research material on the topic before you decide on the topic. Make sure it arrives a logical conclusion based upon the evidence you have presented.

Let’s examine the process of how to start a compare and contrast essay a bit more closely: First things first --- the best way to get the writing process started is figuring out the perfect topic and an attention-grabbing hook.


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