Community Business Plan

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Rural economic development organizations and their staffs are asked to wear many hats for the organization, and champion a variety of efforts for each of their communities, county and regional partnerships.

The purpose of this organizational business plan is to set a standard of focused objectives that the BCEDC can focus on for future growth of Buchanan County as well as the organization itself.

The City’s strategic plans set the goals and direction for the City's future activities.

The Strategic Community Plan is an aspirational document that was developed following extensive community consultation.

The leadership regularly meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at pm for monthly meetings.

The group does not usually meet in July and December.We provide a range of work that is targeted to support Workforce Development, Existing Business, Community Development, New Business as well as our own organization.Our group works with existing businesses looking to expand and survive as well as entrepreneurs seeking to start a new business in Buchanan County.The Plan has five broad strategic themes which will shape the City's development over the next ten years and beyond.The strategies that come out of this document inform every activity that the City undertakes.The officer seats of chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary are selected at the scheduled annual meeting in January.Each board seat does not currently have a term limit.The business affairs of the BCEDC are conducted by a board of 17 commissioners, all of whom have one vote on any proposition coming before the commission.The day-to-day management of the organization is entrusted to a hired executive director that is evaluated annually by the board of to foster a strong economic environment which supports business, nurtures growth and new investment while attracting sustainable businesses and a quality labor force to our communities.The organization will rely on trusting relationships to unite the communities of Buchanan County to promote and facilitate economic development, and to improve the quality of life in our area by building sustainable wealth for those who live, work and play in this portion of the Cedar Valley Region of Iowa.


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