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Could this commercial have been less stereotypical?

Are people influenced to believe that what they see on television actually represents an entire race or gender?

While watching the evening news and other prime-time television shows, I had the pleasure viewing fifty television commercials.

Approximately five percent of these commercials portrayed some sort of stereotyping.

Three commercials in particular led me to think that the media does stereotype groups of people and play a big part in how society views each other.

Do you believe that big trucks are only purchased and driven by men?

Commercial Essay

While watching one of Ford’s renowned F150 commercials, I could not help but notice that all the smiling faces in the trucks were that of men.

Using the rhetoric concept of pathos, the audience is drawn into a state of inspiration and feels what the disabled character has to go through.

When they stop playing, the other nine men stand holding the door open for their friend and exit the gym.

When thinking of a typical bully, many imagine a guy with big biceps, weighing three hundred sixty-five pounds and stands about six feet tall.

The first commercial I observed was on of the famous ‘Got Milk’ commercials. In walks there provocatively overweight guys, one Hispanic and the other two Caucasian.


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