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You think you’re looking for a giant list of college essay topics to choose from.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find at the bottom of this page.

When applying for admission to your selected colleges, most colleges will require you to write a personal statement to submit along with your college application. Describe an experience that forever changed your life and your outlook on life. Why have you chosen to spend the next four years of your life in college? What do you plan on doing after you graduate from college? As of right now, what do you see as your long-term goals in life? If you were given the ability to change one moment in your life, would you do so?

To assist you in writing your best personal statement, colleges might provide creative college essay prompts to help stimulate your thinking process so that you can write the best possible personal statement. Would you have made the same decision looking back on the experience or would you have made a different decision? What movie, poem, musical composition, or novel has most influenced your life and the way that you view the world?

I know the world is rife with environmental problems, and I’m ready to spend my life making a difference. Essay Topic: A Word a Day, A Life of Imagination The NYT word of the day reminds me of something: my own imagination.

My curiosity has taught me to love playing basketball, the violin, and inventing new words. Essay Topic: Where I’m Home I find myself feeling at “home” wherever I am, whether it’s spending quality time eating chicken with my family, diligently working on my physics research in the lab, or expanding my world through my college electives at Governor's School East. Essay Topic: Easter, Travel, and Dad Despite my abusive father’s wishes, I took a trip abroad and discovered my independence.In case that colleges don't provide creative college essay prompts we've listed 25 creative college essay prompt to help you write your best possible personal statement: 1. Think back to a situation in your life where you had to decide between taking a risk and playing it safe. Describe an experience where you were unsuccessful in achieving your goal. Presuming there was only one open admission spot remaining, why should this college choose to accept your application and not that of another student? What would you describe to be your most unique or special skill that differentiates you from everyone else? Describe some tasks that you have accomplished over the past two years that have no connection to academic studies. If you had the chance to have a 30-minute conversation with any person in human history (either living or deceased), who would be the person you choose? If you could be any animal in recorded history, what animal would you choose? Who gave you that advice and did you follow that advice or not? What do you consider to be the most important political or social movement of the 20th century? She may come to realize that the world is more terrible and beautiful than she’s ever known. Essay Topic: Faith Lost and Faith Found I grew up repressing my Muslim heritage and choosing to excel in science instead.I formed my own faith through reconciling the two, one which centers on the conviction that the human soul is ultimately what endows us with our ethics and sense of worthiness. Essay Topic: A Palestinian Hunger Strike Turns Into a Purpose My experience supporting a hunger strike in my native land, and watching my fellow students slowly lose interest in the strike and my protest, taught me to be passionate about social justice and inspired the creation of my own ethical clothing company. Essay Topic: Lessons From My Pilgrimage to Mecca My pilgrimage to Mecca taught me that I am valuable and family is centrally important. The 25 creative college essay prompts listed above should give you a starting point to write your own personal statement. Tell a story that directly or indirectly illustrates the type of person you are. Describe the most embarrassing moment of your life and explain what you learned from that experience and how it has made you a better or stronger person today.Analysis, not description, will reveal the critical thinking skills that are the hallmark of a promising college student.The current prompts are the result of much discussion and debate from the member institutions who use the Common Application.


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