Cold War Brinkmanship Essay

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Making good on that promise, he sent over 5,000 marines to chose to follow a strategy of brinkmanship.

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I have previously stated my view that the verdict of guilty was amply justified by the evidence.

In the light of the circumstances, I feel that I must pass such sentence upon the principals in this diabolical conspiracy to destroy a God-fearing nation, which will demonstrate with finality that this nation's security must remain inviolate; that traffic in military secrets, whether promoted by slavish devotion to a foreign ideology or by a desire for monetary gains, must cease.

Cartoons of the unflappable Bert the Turtle warned American children everywhere during the Cold War to "duck and cover" in the event of a nuclear blast.

Although these measures would have proved useless, schools vigorously pursued "duck and cover" drills in which children clambered beneath their desks.

The evidence indicated quite clearly that Julius Rosenberg was the prime mover in this conspiracy.

However, let no mistake be made about the role which his wife, Ethel Rosenberg, played in this conspiracy.In committing the act of murder, the criminal kills only his victim.The immediate family is brought to grief, and when justice is meted out the chapter is closed.In a grown-up version of the children's game of chicken, Dulles hoped to avoid war by threatening war.The Chinese shelled the islands to save face, but no takeover occurred.No one can say that we do not live in a constant state of tension.We have evidence of your treachery all around us every day — for the civilian defense activities throughout the nation are aimed at preparing us for an atom bomb attack.refused to do so and sentenced her to death with her husband.The trial and sentencing were controversial, partly due to charges of anti-Semitism.The Western alliance was threatened as President Dwight Eisenhower called upon Britain and France to show restraint.With Soviet influence growing in the oil-rich region, Ike issued the Eisenhower Doctrine, which pledged American support to any governments fighting communist insurgencies in the Middle East.


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