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Our job, according to Guggenbühl-Craig, is to activate that inner teacher, just as physicians must awaken the inner healer within their patients.“Activate” is the key word, and current research about brain function reinforces Guggenbühl-Craig’s argument.But the power issues remain, an elephant in the room as we try to reach across our desks to our students., Hawkins lists three types of positive power: “legitimate power, invested in the role; coercive and reward power—the power to offer and withhold rewards; and resources power, the power a supervisor may have to offer or withhold resources” (122).

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That ornithologist heard the bird song because his brain was constantly running a high-quality mental software program for bird identification.

Similarly we English teachers possess sophisticated mental software for writing and editing. that need careful proofreading: They just looked at me helplessly.

Whose neurons, I asked myself, were migrating, connecting, increasing? “It’s all in what you’re trained to notice,” the ornithologist replied.

To prove his point, he dropped a nickel onto the sidewalk: Instantly a hundred people stopped to look for it.

Finding ways to break that pattern is the goal of this article.a book about the contradictory forces that often operate in secret as ministers, teachers, physicians, and social workers strive to fulfill their mission of serving humanity.

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The author, a Jungian analyst, is intrigued by archetypes—ancient mythic patterns, personified in figures from old stories and traditions, that humans re-enact all their lives.Worse yet, teachers who identify only with the authoritarian side of the archetype may trigger the opposite pole in their students—heedless irresponsibility.The likely outcome is teachers and students at war with each other.And I am certainly not suggesting that we should stop reading and responding to student essays.But we need to recognize how disabling our business-as-usual, late-night markups can be: Too often they convey the message that we have no faith in our students’ power to solve their usage, editorial, and organizational problems.Depth psychology says that revolution always lies waiting in the shadows of power, and a revolution in our work habits is what I’m calling for.Less, I believe, is more—not because I think English teachers are overworked and underpaid (although we assuredly are), or because I think we should demand less of students (I reject that approach).In my long teaching career, I often had students who were befuddled by even the simplest requirements of college writing.(I spent most of my career working with basic writers in a community college in the rural South.) I was often frustrated—and so were my students.All too often students’ revisions show little improvement, and subsequent assignments demonstrate that our pleadings about spelling, fragments, and comma splices have fallen on deaf ears.The uncomfortable truth is that teachers have power over students, no matter how hard we try to be encouraging and helpful. Horvath sums up the fears of many instructors when she warns that students may be “alienated, antagonized, by our thought-heavy marginalia and terminal remarks” (243)., notes that many students see us as authority figures rather than guides and helpers.


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