Classical Music Essay

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After the Classical era came the Early Romantic era (1830-1860).

According to the Get Into Classical website 3” This was the point at which composers stopped trying to make technically perfect (and hence always a little cold and dry) pieces, and started to really express their feelings in the music”, which is why it was called early romantic music.

This era also brought larger orchestras to make the music more layered, textured, and subtle.

In the Post Great War era (1920-present), where according to, 5“The period since the Great War is undoubtedly the most bewildering of all, as composers have pulled in various apparently contradictory and opposing directions.” Rap music has not been around as long as classical, but the evolution has been extraordinary.

The writings of the music had to be written down in musical notes and instruments used as the only means of output.

Classical Music Essay

Apart from the performance of the first group there were other groups that also performed the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

The Baroque era (1600-1750) introduced the world to modern orchestra music, along with opera, which included the overture, prelude, aria, recitative, and chorus.

Although Baroque brought many musical genres that would maintain hold on composition for years, it was the Classical era (1750-1830) that introduced the form that dominates musical composition to this day.

Gregorian chant and plainsong developed during the 11th and 13th centuries into organum (example: two or three lines moving simultaneously but independently, almost inadvertently representing the beginnings of harmony).

Organum led to the Ars Nova period of the 14th century, represented by Philippe Di Vitry, Guillaume de Machaut, and Francesco Landini.” 2In the fifteenth century, the Renaissance Period (1400-1600) would bring more harmonious, choral singing, along with instrumental music.


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