Chinese New Year Essay Form 1

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I generally know that this toy is to make good lucks come into your house.

When Chinese New year is coming near, we can see red lanterns hanging at Chinese houses, most restaurants and most shops.

I certainly will go to my hometown to visit my relatives. But the thing is, I've never been to my hometown for Tet, and never actually enjoyed Banh Chung or any other Tet food, either.

Tet is the time when we can be together, which makes me even love it more. My lucky money is usually kept by my mother for "future" use. I still celebrate it, anyway, because everyone else from my country does.

Watching fire crackers is my favorite part on Chinese New Year. and up till now she's my favorite whenever I see the movie playing on tv I stop to watch it ^^ I won't be celebrating Chinese New Year because I'm not a Chinese. When I was younger, I went to the street in front of my housing compound to watch the Chinese traditional Dragon and lion dances in Chinese New Year. In Chinese new year, even people who are not Chinese sometimes imitated their tradition of giving special red money envelopes to their younger relatives.

China town is decorated with red lanterns and lighting. Fire crackers and Fire works are the essential thing in Chinese New Year. If I'm gonna celebrate the Chinese new year emmm I'd like to eat chinese food because it's my favorite and I'd wear some chinese costumes ... when I was a kid my fav disney princess was Mulan .. They are amazing performers and have talent to make us our mouths wide open!

They just do it because of their personal purposes.

I will have 9 days off to celebrate Lunar New Year.

Today is the last year of horse,we watch TV together. Also, i can have more school holiday to go shopping with my friends : P I do not live in China but I do celebrate Lunar New Year, which, probably, is the same festival as Chinese New Year. On this occasion, people clean up their houses, buy new clothes and make some traditional foods such as sticky rice cake (Banh Chung) and so on.

At Tet, children are given a small amount of money called lucky money.


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