Change Management Theory Essays

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Most of the government control organisations are bureaucratic because they have to be accountable.

There are very well defined rights and responsibilities in M&S.

Globalization: It may be one of the strongest forces of change.

Today's organisations are wide open and since globalization is gearing up the changes through out the world M&S also has gone into so many changes in order to survive in this tough competitive business world.

Regulatory constraints: All organisations work in certain country or part or country where it will follow the legislations adapted by the authorized regulatory body there.

Like others, M&S also follows the legislations accordingly to the country where it operates.

Cultural Factor: Sometimes the organisation realises there is a shift or evolution in values and business culture.

M&S followed this change into some branches at the country other than Western Europe.

The organisation I have chosen to study for the purpose of this assignment is Marks and Spencer (M&S), one of the most iconic and widely recognized British chain stores in the UK with over 600 shops located throughout the country and 240 worldwide including over 219 franchise businesses, operating in 34 countries with over 75000 employees.

Its business includes food groceries, clothing retail and home products.


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