Case Studies In Forensic Science

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The edges of the broken and bent stick were seems to be fresh and dusting on this was found intact.

Except on the fresh broken part, blackening and soot deposition was observed on the floor facing part of this stick. and above observations the discussed crime scene may be reconstructed in following manner. She bolted room from inside and put herself to fire. x tried to save her and finally he went to the roof.

It is generally best to suspect the worst, a homicide.

In an interesting case study, it was reported that a burnt dead body of a lady was laid inside her house when the doors of the room were bolted from inner side and windows were found opened.

The latch of door was found intact and soot deposition was observed.

The backside double panel iron exit door was found bolted and locked from inner side.

It seems impractical that one can remove the clay-tiles from inside without using stone slab or without taking ladder like support. The removed kelu were lying haphazardly and scattered in all directions and some of the removed kelu were found some 7-meter apart from the created hole.

Some wooden sticks that support the kelu were found broken.

Approximately 6-7 used matchsticks were found near about the dead body (Figure 1-4).

ii) Dead body of Victim: The bare and burnt dead body was lying down onto the floor and material was scattered on the floor near about entry door and below the dead body.


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