Cake Decorating Business Plan

Her areas of expertise include business, beauty, fashion and sports.

I will provide excellent customer service and personal touches for couples commissioning their wedding cake from my business so that they have a truly memorable experience from start to finish.

I will hone my baking and decorating skills through courses and self-taught activities.

Now, they can be as simple or as comprehensive as you like.

The comprehensive plans tend to be best if you’re looking for investment (banks, crowdfunding, venture capitalists) or if you’re opening a business with a partner/s.

Those individuals with a knack for baking delectable and beautiful cakes may find opening their own cake business a rewarding experience.

Cake Decorating Business Plan

Though certainly not a piece of cake, opening your own cake business can help you explore your passion while cooking up profits. Provide a detailed overview of your business, lay out future plans and provide details related to the potential profitability of your cake-making business.For instance, if you make a three-tiered wedding cake for 150 people that has handmade fondant roses, dragée and gold leaf, it would be reasonable to charge per slice and a delivery fee. Showcase your portfolio on a website, open social networking accounts, post on classified-ad websites, compete in cake decorating competitions to gain notoriety or become a vendor at local wedding shows.Melinda Gaines has been a freelance writer since 2006, with work appearing online for Yellow Pages and other websites.Obtain the licenses needed in your city to start a food business.Most states don't allow home food businesses, so you may need to rent a commercial kitchen.Pinpoint your target market and decide on the types of service you will offer, such as wedding cakes and catering services. Small Business Administration for additional help developing a business plan. Develop a name for your cake-making business and determine how you wish to organize the company.Include details related to equipment needs and financing requirements. Sole proprietorship, limited liability company and general partnership represent a few of the options for business organization.You may also be required to obtain a food enterprise license, food manager certification or food handler permit.Make and photograph examples of your best work to create your portfolio.To do this, you can offer to make a cake for a friend, family member or associate for free, in exchange for their honest feedback and written review of your work.Price your cakes fairly, keeping in mind the time it takes to make each one, ingredient and supply costs and delivery expenses.


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