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The cover sheet should state the date that the plan was prepared, and the period it covers.It should identify the person to contact regarding any questions about the plan (generally, you).

Our free business plan template is part of a kit put together to help you define who you are, describe your business, and document how you will be profitable.

Your business plan is not only a necessity when seeking financing for your project, it is a recognized management tool that outlines exactly what your company will do and how it plans to succeed.

Watch our business videos to find out more about au tools to help you start or grow your business.

Setting up your own business is exciting, but can also be challenging if you are not prepared.

They are presented in the order in which they usually appear; however, this format can be deviated from if another way makes more sense because of the nature of the business.

For example, the financial portion of a plan for a business with a 20-year track record is much more important (and comprehensive) than the financial portion of a startup business's plan.

If you haven't considered these basic marketing tools, we strongly suggest that you do.

Building an identity is vital if you want people to recognize and remember your business.

After consultation with business intermediaries, au has developed a suite of free planning templates and checklists to help guide your business.

Read Business plans topic for more information the importance of planning and what to do before writing your business or marketing plans.


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