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If you wish you may change your preference or read about cookies Business model canvas template is a visual working framework that enables business innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, practitioners, and companies create and develop business ideas about new products and services.

However, successful ventures do not make use of standard business models which are commonly employed in the industry or just go to the market with the main idea.

Instead, they ensure that the service or product goes through several recapitulations before they get to the final version.

Let us go through each of the building blocks of a business model canvas more thoroughly; each step number sets a recommendation about the logical thinking to follow to complete your business model canvas in a question of minutes: The most important piece of the strategy puzzle is to identify exactly who is the public that you are focusing, the industry, the final user, your client, the whole ecosystem where your proposal is pointing.

It will be a strong connection between your customer (1) and your value proposition (2), it is so important that Alex Osterwalder invented the Value Proposition Canvas.

It can be considered as an extraction between module 1 and 2, just to minimize the risk, it is important to understand what the real need of your clients is?

In this sense, you can properly design you value map proposition trying to match, each feature with each customer jobs.


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