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Elaborating Action Plans is an important step to prepare the implementation of a strategy for the development of statistics.The strategy defined in the NSDS needs to be translated into an action plan, which sets out more precisely what needs to be done, by whom, when and at what cost.You can download the document in a printable PDF format simply by clicking the image.

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The identification of activities by itself doesn't make the action plan, which needs to be more than the enumeration of activities that we need to carry out.

Besides the enumeration, an action plan or work programme should include: a time frame (When? ); appropriate mechanisms for monitoring and assessing progress (What for ? An action plan includes: One activity decomposed in tasks will facilitate the development of the timeframe.

All these aspects should be taken into consideration and reflect the national context and administrative set up of the country.

When you have clearly in mind what you want to achieve, you can define the outputs that are needed to reach the operational objectives.

Creating an action plan involves itemizing the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve a desired result, as well as making task assignments, setting due dates, identifying necessary resources and more.

If you're ready to create an action plan, the free template provided here is a good example that you may want to use.The budget is in fact crucial for the implementation of the action plans.All the actions need to be carefully budgeted to have an overview of the total cost of the action plan and to identify the ways of financing it.Based on the overall strategy of the NSDS, operational objectives are linked to the main areas of intervention An action plan should be created for each area of intervention, with a clear identification of the tasks that have to be undertaken to deliver the desired outputs and to achieve the strategy.Action Plans will refer to capacity areas of the NSS to which the operational objectives are related: political and technical governance (management), human resources, physical and statistical infrastructure, funding, statistical policies, processes and partnerships.Action plans should therefore be closely linked to the realisation of the outputs requested by the strategic goals defined in the NSDS.If the strategic goals are clearly defined, according to the SMART approach, i.e., Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bounded, it shouldn't be difficult to identify the actions related to the objectives.- When an activity is part of a sequence, the action plan should mention that it is a prerequisite for another activity or that another activity is a prerequisite and take into account the constraints implied.- It bears repeating that countries have an on-going statistical programme including already planned censuses or surveys operations that both have to be maintained for the most part, revised for some and expanded as a result of agreed strategic goals for the period.A business action plan is a useful project management tool, and can also be helpful when mapping out a strategy for achieving goals.The budget will: The costing of a NSDS implementation in developing countries might be difficult to define due to the uncertainties of the countries, but it is crucial to have a clear cost estimation of the statistical operations and activities to be carried out to help the definition of the funding strategy- Action plans are needed because their preparation processes contribute to restrict the gap between Objectives of the NSDS and its degree of implementation, one of the main drawbacks identified in the evaluation of the NSDS.Well prepared action plans will allow you to be realistic.


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