Business Continuity Plan Samples

To make the business continuity management process easier, people seek out alternatives, such as software, templates, checklists or consultants.

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As mentioned earlier, not all damages from unforeseen circumstances are covered by your insurance.

For example, if there is an outbreak in your warehouse that causes most of your employees to miss a few days of work (which then affects production, distribution, customer satisfaction and retention, etcetera), the loss in income might not be covered by your policy.

Plus, disturbances in operations can negatively affect customer satisfaction, which will then likely impact your income.

No matter the size of a business, there are unforeseen circumstances that can affect your operations if you don't prepare ahead of time.

Here is what you're getting: A simple title page will set the tone for your presentation.

It should be clean, simple and professional since you are presenting an important aspect of your business. Any important information that will affect your plan should be presented in this slide.After analyzing your plan and creating a solution design, you need to test them so that you can get organizational acceptance.In this portion of the presentation, you need to lay out three important things: 1) the emergency action steps that are needed to be taken in case of an incident, 2) your business recovery phase, and 3) your recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives, both in the near term and long term.Download and print out our template, and then, read the step-by-step guide below to create a successful business continuity plan A BCP helps an organization continue to operate during a service interruption.It should state the key functions of the organization and have all the information necessary to keep business functions running.Protecting data is paramount, as it is the lifeblood of many companies today.If a business does not have a continuity plan when an interruption occurs, it risks financial, reputational and personal loss.You need to include 1) the type of incidents that could launch the plan, 2) your emergency response and management, 3) your plan reviews and maintenance, and 4) how you plan to send notifications regarding an incident affecting the site.In your solution design, you need to discuss in more detail how you're planning to execute your plan.A business must have a BC plan that tackles a variety of events, including natural disasters, workplace violence, failures in infrastructure and staff disruptions.In an age of cyberthreats, the plan should also take into account the possibility of such unplanned incidents as ransomware attacks and data breaches.


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