Block Quotes In A Research Paper

The APA styling guide is used for disciplines such as psychology, sociology, business, and education.

Similar to the MLA it also uses in-text parenthetical citations; though instead of the author-page system it follows an arthur-date method of referencing sources and utilizes a reference page rather than a work-cited page.

Therefore, students may decide to select this approach over the Chicago style if given the freedom to choose a styling guide.

Also Turabian is sometimes considered the choice of those unsure of which referencing style to choose initially.

The APA, otherwise known as the American Psychological Association, developed its format of writing sometime ago when a few people discovered the need for an organized method of citing references in and outside of the text of a work.

A small effort has now become a staple and standard for many institutions.

For the Turabian format footnotes are used to indicate the source of a direct quote.

Most word processing programs have a footnote tool to use where a small superscript number will appear allowing you to then add the corresponding source of the quote at the bottom of the page.

For example; Long quotations are therefore considered to be 40 words or more and should be indented five spaces and typed as a block quote.

The block quote again should not have any quotation marks and the period would be placed before the parenthesis.


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