Black Hawk Down Essay Movie

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However, he hadn’t planned for the worst-case scenario: Black Hawk helicopter being shot down.

He refused to retreat until the bodies in the fallen helicopter had been recovered, prolonging the mission, and increasing causalities.

With 19 US soldiers and thousands of Somalis dead, the Battle of Mogadishu was a total devastation that the United States had never expected.

The film Black Hawk Down raises the issue of national sovereignty and a debate on the extent to which idealism in international relations can or should be used.

Blackburn is severely injured when he falls from one of the Black Hawk helicopters, so three Humvees led by Staff Sergeant Jeff Struecker are detached from the convoy to return Blackburn to the UN-held Mogadishu Airport.

Sergeant Dominick Pilla is shot and killed just as Struecker's column departs, and shortly thereafter Black Hawk Super Six-One, piloted by Chief Warrant Officer Clifton "Elvis" Wolcott is shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade.

As I watched the movie and read about the history of the battle for further analysis, I was astounded by the impact a single decision can have on the field of international relations.

Black Hawk Down is a 2001 American war film produced and directed by Ridley Scott from a screenplay by Ken Nolan.

After the bulk of the peacekeepers were withdrawn, the Mogadishu-based militia loyal to Mohamed Farrah Aidid declared war on the remaining UN personnel. To consolidate his power and subdue the population in the south, Aidid and his militia seize Red Cross food shipments, while the UN forces are powerless to intervene directly.

Outside Mogadishu, Rangers and Delta Force capture Osman Ali Atto, a faction leader selling arms to Aidid's militia. forces include experienced men as well as new recruits, including 18-year-old Private First Class Todd Blackburn and Specialist John Grimes, a desk clerk.


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