Biomimicry Thesis

Biomimicry Thesis-21
As a highly interdisciplinary field, business management is influenced by many subjects of natural and social sciences.

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So, this research attempts to specifically investigate strategies for sustainable innovation.

Those strategies are inspired by the development of unsophisticated living systems (ecosystem level), their material properties (organism level) and their possibility to adapt to changes in the environment (behavioral level).

The thesis is in three parts: De ning biomimicry, Designing with biomimicry, and Case studies.

In addition to the three parts, a summary with final thoughts will be given at the end.

This is done through a literary study and the analysis of chosen case examples.

The case examples showcase the use of biomimicry in the design of building envelope solutions that respond to the changes in the environment by emulating different adaptive strategies found in plants.These processes will be used to influence the design and function of a medical research, manufacturing, and therapy facility that focuses on advanced robotic prosthetics.By mimicking a variety of elements from nature, the final composition will not only respond to the activities within the building, but also to the surrounding environment.The results are achieved through an attempt to link the two emerging interfaces: biomimicry and innovation, exploring their potential in developing more sustainable businesses.Off-campus UMass Amherst users: To download campus access theses, please use the following link to log into our proxy server with your UMass Amherst user name and password.Through the comparison and examination of existing biomimetic applications, this paper elaborates on distinct approaches to biomimicry that have evolved.A framework for understanding the various forms of biomimicry has been developed, and is used to discuss the potential of the various cases.Biomimicry is an applied science that examines nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from, in order to solve human problems.By delving more deeply into the application of biomimicry and how nature solves problems that are experienced today, we will be able to extract timely solutions from it and to build a more sustainable environment.These processes have been around for decades but only recently has their true potential begun to emerge.The question is, can we take the philosophy behind natures living organisms and use them to aid in the development of mankind? This thesis will explore the natural processes found in two specific organisms, the Human Body and the Namaqua Chameleon.


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