Biodiesel Business Plan

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“So that is the point we started looking for alternative uses for the used oil, because we had a limited oil supply.

We looked into the best way to use it.” The company started to focus on soap production, which Ngoma said turned out to be much more lucrative than his biodiesel business – despite competitors in the market.

He bought his main raw material – vegetable oil waste – from local restaurants and hotels in Lusaka and by December had produced his first batch of biodiesel in his backyard.

“The first person to test it was my friend,” recalled Ngoma.

High Grade Pyrolysis Oil and Pyrolysis Diesel (Pyrolysis Plant) will be produced and sold.

The by-products of Gas, Carbon Black and Scrap Metal will provide an additional revenue stream to the company. With a production time of 24 hours a day (3 shifts of 8 hours each), a total of 60 job opportunities will be created, with an expected 200 job opportunities indirectly and directly created by the 6th year of operation.

Tapera Industries still produces biodiesel for a handful of clients – around 7,000 litres, depending on raw material supply.

However, it has also started supplying a raw material – produced from jatropha seeds which can be used instead of used cooking oil – to other companies in the region looking to produce their own bio-diesel.

And considering Zambia’s fuel shortages, Ngoma started wondering why there was no local production of biofuel as both a cheaper and more sustainable option.

Introducing a new industry Towards the end of 2006 he returned to Zambia, and immediately began using the internet to learn how to produce biodiesel.


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