Best Personal Statements For Med School

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Because the process of developing ideas and putting them down on paper is so intimate and personal, all writers end up needing editors to assess the effectiveness of their product.You should consult people whose writing you respect for advice or even more hands-on help.Thousands of students every year will read this same advice, whether in a guidebook or even in the application instructions themselves, and they simply cannot put it into practice.

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For example, do not tell the reader what your GPA was, or list the awards that you won.

Avoid simply listing your extracurricular activities. If you bring any of these issues up, you should have some significant insight to add that is not evident from another part of your application.

As we will stress throughout, the essay is meant to convey the personal characteristics that the rest of your application cannot communicate.

So we will preface our list with a warning about what not to include: anything that is fully covered by another part of the application.

Having been trained specifically in the nuances of admissions essay writing, Essay Edge editors are the best equipped to provide assistance in this crucial area.

While there are some admissions officers who will insist that you can write about anything as long as it’s revealing, a safer bet would address the fundamental question, “why medicine?Don’t focus too heavily on what you think they want to see, at the expense of conveying your own message in your unique way.My own feeling is that the essay has been more a cause of people getting downgraded than being favorably judged, usually because it is too contrived or patently insincere.If you discuss motivation as a more abstract element of your interest in medicine, your discussion of commitment should provide the hard evidence.For example, if you use compassion as a reason for your decision to pursue medicine, you should be able to offer concrete evidence of how you have exercised compassion in specific experiences.I don’t think there’s anything else specifically that we look for, other than whatever the applicant wants to tell about himself or herself.Offering an effective explanation of your motivation actually accomplishes two purposes.First, it shows the reader that you have thought your goals through and have significant, worthy intentions behind them.Second, in the process of detailing your motivation, you can illuminate your most significant values and qualities.As an admissions committee member, after you’ve gone through thirty or forty such applications in an afternoon, you’re so grateful for somebody who just says something simply and straightforwardly.Sincerity is important to stress because it’s hard for most of us to achieve, despite the fact that it seems so simple.


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