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Remember, assessments are always the first step in the process.Interventions should not be implemented, the fourth step, until an assessment has been done.

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” Some even lust about the possibility of finishing the exam at the 75 question mark so they can be done with the agony of the dreaded “nursing boards” as quickly as possible.

No one wants to pay the $300 (and up) fee to take the test again.

ADPIE is an acronym that stands for Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation.

These are the steps of the nursing process, which are chiefly the steps to providing proper care to your patient.

Now don’t forget, when you come upon these types of questions in exams, take a breath, read and reread the entire question.

After that, ask yourself, “Which part of the nursing process is this question asking me?” until they take the NCLEX and see just how challenging the nursing boards can be.As if the rigors faced during your nursing education weren’t enough, you then have to take your professional licensure exam. Whether you have completed an RN or LPN program, you still must pass your “boards” to practice as a nurse.Nursing school is about jumping through hoops, and NCLEX is just one more to jump through.You may find yourself wondering “what is the NCLEX pass rate? Knowing how well others perfect on this critical exam is important.As the final step, you are done carrying out your plan, and here’s where you are waiting anxiously at the computer store, and the person helping you comes out to tell you, “Well my friend, it’s your lucky day. Have you ever been stuck on a question in a test, wondering which answer to choose because they all look correct?It was almost too late, but we saved your computer and it works like it’s brand new again. Well, a good tip to keep in mind is that many exam questions are actually just asking you to identify a part of the nursing process!As the action portion of the process, this is where our plans are carried out.Implementation is the step where we finally intervene to help them, like physically giving drugs, educate, monitor, etc. And finally, we evaluate; the “E” in the ADPIE nursing process.Most importantly, the nursing process (ADPIE) is one of the ultimate things you’ll be expected to learn and master in nursing school, and for that matter, as a future nurse!ADPIE, or in other words, the nursing process, is a huge staple in the nursing world.


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