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There is no opening or closing date for applications.

Internships may be offered at any time during the year.

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Travel expenses to and from Geneva cannot be paid by the WTO, and such travel is not covered by the Organization's insurance.

Medical health insurance coverage is mandatory in Switzerland, and interns are responsible for organizing their own health insurance prior to commencing their internship at the WTO.

The internship programmes is designed to increase the diversity of the WTO.

More information about each programme is provided below: The WTO Internship Programme provides an opportunity for post-graduate students from WTO member and observer countries to gain valuable experience from working at the WTO.

Internship selections are based on merit, taking account of eligibility criteria, academic qualifications and expertise. (1) The WTO Internship Programme is open to post-graduate students from all WTO members and countries or customs territories engaged in accession negotiations; (2) The China LDC and Accessions Programme (also known as the China WTO Accession Internship Programme); and (3) the WTO Support Programme for Doctoral Studies.

Both (2) and (3) are reserved for post-graduate students from developing countries and least developed countries (LDCs).


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