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We are achieving rapid and accelerating success in our quest to build AI.

We are achieving rapid and accelerating success in our quest to build AI.

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Indeed, all areas of our livelihood are affected and have benefited from technological development and an increasingly powerful computerised environment.

In line with these developments, recent Artificial Intelligence and Pro-Social Behaviourfree download Abstract If artificial intelligence (AI) were achievable, what would the consequences be for human society 1 Perhaps surprisingly, the answer to this question is already at hand.

ICT and e- learning are growing radically fast and have captured a major role in higher educational A Robust Hybrid Control for Voltage-Fed Induction Motor Drives based on The Artificial Intelligence Techniquesfree download Abstract In this paper, we introduced a robust approach to induction motor control combining fuzzy logic and variable structure with a sliding mode control.

Fuzzy tuning schemes are employed to improve control performance as well as to reduce chattering in the sliding CS365A-ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Language Learning from Video Commentary in Bengali Guidefree download Abstract.

The system has to first learn new A Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for Discrete Optimal Power Flowfree download Abstract: This paper proposes a hybrid immune and simulated annealing algorithm (HISA) to solve equivalent current injection based optimal power flow problem with both continuous and discrete control variables, which is known as discrete optimal power flow (DOPF).

Artificial Intelligence in Personalized Medicine Application of AI Algorithms in Solving Personalized Medicine Problemsfree download Abstract: Artificial Intelligence has significantly gained grounds in our daily livelihood in this age of information and technology.Project Debater digests massive texts, constructs a well-structured speech on a given topic, delivers it with clarity and purpose, and rebuts its opponent.Explore the research that drives many of Project Debater’s capabilities.Power system has grown tremendously over a few decades.As the size and complexity of the power system consisting of generators, transmission lines, Ethics of artificial intelligencefree download | VOL 521| NATURE| 415 2015 Macmillan Publishers Limited.All rights reserved countries may be pursuing clandestine programmes with similar goals.International humanitarian law which governs attacks on humans in times of war has Weighted Logics for Artificial Intelligencefree download Logics provide a formal basis for the study and development of applications and systems in Artificial Intelligence.Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms in Artificial Intelligencefree download Abstract: Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence science ie the systems that can learn data.For example, a machine learning system can learn e-mail receiving and distinguish the difference between spam and non-spam message from each other.This paper discusses some of the most interesting challenges to which the games research community members may face in the area of the application of artificial or computational intelligence techniques to the design and creation of video games.The A User-Intelligent Adaptive Learning Model For Learning Management System Using Data Mining And Artificial Intelligencefree download Abstract Entire world is revolving towards digital space as a result of the Internet and other emerging web technologies are helping the society to reach the universe.


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