Argumentative Essay On The Declaration Of Independence

Argumentative Essay On The Declaration Of Independence-19
This is defiantly going against the direction that the country is going where all citizens are protected under the law, and for the majority of the people to call for this segregation of classes of citizens is also severely wrong.

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The Declaration of Independence then goes on to state that the Colonies have the full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract Alliances, establish commerce, ad do all that an independent state would do.

)Read the definition of democracy below and apply it to the Constitution.

The Powers & Rights of the Supreme Court are to decide on all arguments pertaining to interpretations of the US Constitution, lawsuits pertaining to Ambassadors, public ministers, consuls, or where a state is a party in the Case. I don’t agree as when the Constitution was written, the country was in another time, and frame of mind, where these classes of people were considered less than, and the White Males where the only supreme class, but over time this has changed, as the country began to grow, and find its self so to speak; where all citizens where to be treated, and protected as equals under the law.

The Supreme Court also is an appellate court for Federal Cases that have exhausted all other means, and are approved for review by a min of 4 of the Supreme Court Justices. I believe the founding fathers would be very pleased to what the country has become, as a country founded by immigrants, and country that is diverse, and protects all walks of life with dignity and respect 7)Discuss three constitutional issues currently being debated.

6)Some people argue that under the Constitution Indians were eliminated, blacks were subjugated and women were denied enfranchisement. You have to be specific, for example, current Vice-President Cheney argues that he is not part of the Executive Branch and he is part of the legislative branch because he is the President of the US Senate according to the Constitution.

Three big issues that are being debated amongst the people and are being challenged at the Federal Level are: Gay Rights (DOMA, DADT), Immigration Reform, and Health Care Reform.

The underlying ideals of the Preamble are to create a just government, ensure peace by providing adequate defense which result in a healthy, free nation.

4)How well have we lived up to the ideals stated in the Preamble?

The DADT has recently been brought up yet again, as the US Military is discharging Service members at an alarming rate, when they are also willing to take nearly anyone, from convicted felons, people with no education, but not a member of the gay community; the most recent being the race of an Army Arabic Linguist whom was discharged for publicly coming out on National Television.

The Army Discharged this person at a time where the US is engaged in not one but two wars on Arabic soil and Arabic Linguists are extremely hard to find that are willing to serve in the US Military.


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