Argumentative Essay On Organ Donation

In some cases, the claims of the deceased will be in conflict with those of their families and/or the claims of potential recipients.The question arises of how to weigh the claims of the deceased.

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Numerous factors affect the retrieval of organs from the dead.

These include: the nature of people’s deaths (in only perhaps fewer than 1% of deaths can organs currently be taken, and countries vary according to the number of strokes, car crashes, shootings, and other causes of death that lend themselves to retrieval); the number of intensive care units (ICUs) (most donors die there and fewer ICUs makes for fewer donors); the medical factors that determine whether organs are retrieved successfully; the logistical factors that determine the efficient use of available organs; the extent of public awareness of transplantation; and the ethical-legal rules for consent that determine who is allowed to block or permit retrieval.

Many people do not think about organ donation, which is quite reasonable given the low chance that they will die in such a way as to permit organ retrieval.

In cases where they have not thought or not revealed their thoughts, it seems plausible to say that they have no interest for or against retrieval.

What is the subject of dispute is whether the family should have a claim in their own right which could be set against the claims of the deceased or potential recipients.

Some argue for family decision-making on cultural grounds (Chan 2004, in the context of medical decision-making generally).Some authors have even suggested that the organs of the dead should be treated as something akin to inheritable property (Voo and Holm 2014).Acquiring a claim by transfer however is no more controversial than the deceased’s having a claim in the first place.In determining what the rules for retrieval ought to be, three main claims are in play.These are the claims of the deceased, the deceased’s family, and potential recipients of organs.The main ones are: (1)–(4) are discussed below; for (5), see the entry on the sale of human organs.Before evaluating the proposals, we describe the claims of the main affected parties.A lesson in method follows: when describing the practice of organ retrieval, looking at the law alone is inadequate.A vital second point is that in virtually no country is the consent of the deceased required before organs may be taken (Price 2000).Organ transplantation raises difficult ethical questions about people’s claims to determine what happens to their bodies before and after death. For a long time deceased donors came from those declared brain dead, that is, those who have irreversibly lost their brain function. How should they fit with the claims of organ donors’ families or the needs of people whose own organs have failed? In summary form, the following empirical claims about organ transplantation are widely accepted: The dead are the major sources of organs for transplantation.


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