Argumentative Essay On Computer Technology

Argumentative Essay On Computer Technology-29
In the past, coordinating resources in multiple offices required administrative team, long-distance phone calls, and teleconferences.Lastly, out of area workers can gather online in Internet-based conference rooms to edit documents or share presentations.

Argumentative Essay On Computer Technology

This technology also gives the businesses the ability to respond quickly to market changes.There are several different ways company's use technology to save time, money and overall simply make thing run more smoothly.The first of these technological advances include automating administrative functions.As for computers, they play the same role as vehicles used to centuries ago.Therefore, those who argue that humans are too dependent on computers should get used to the fact that these devices are an essential part of modern life, which makes it easier in all aspects of social, economic, and cultural development of people.Companies also use technology to communicate instantly and affordably.Computers allow workers to communicate with each other in real time via the Internet, regardless of their location without large expense.For example, there are private Web sites that allow employees to work together on the same set of documents in a secure Web room.They can also set up document libraries and discussion boards. On the other hand, they should ask themselves whether they can comfortably live without their own hands.When humans created a car, it replaced horses as a traditional means of transportation.


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